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As Dean of Inter-African Organisations, AU SAFGRAD Coordinator Presented New Year’s Greetings to the President of Burkina Faso on Behalf of His Peers

As Dean of Inter-African Organisations, AU SAFGRAD Coordinator Presented New Year’s Greetings to the President of Burkina Faso on Behalf of His Peers

January 06, 2017
Press Release



Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO - 06 January 2017. The traditional ceremony of annual wishes to the President of Burkina Faso by the international organizations, inter-African institutions and embassies in Burkina Faso took place this Friday at the Presidential Palace. At this occasion, Dr Ahmed ELMEKASS, AU SAFGRAD Coordinator, as now Dean of Inter-African institutions delivered a statement on behalf of his peers to HE Roch Marc Christian KABORE, President of Burkina Faso Republic.

In his speech, the AU SAFGRAD head, after thanking the government and people of Burkina Faso for all the facilities offered to inter-African organizations, has highlighted the high quality of the cooperation with the hosting country. He also raised main relevant issues in the various fields during the outgoing year 2016.

In the field of Politics, AU SAFGRAD Coordinator has recalled the democratic process in 2015 that has leaded to the election of the current President in 2016. This process has been recognized by the International Community as a peaceful and an exemplary model for all African Countries.

In the field of Security, the AU SAFGRAD representative, focused on the multiple threats facing by Burkina Faso and other African Countries mainly in the Sahel Region. A moment of great emotion occurred when Dr ELMEKASS requested from H.E the President a minute of silence for all the victims of recent tragic events, notably brave military who lost their life with terrorist attacks.

In the area of Economy, he focused on the numerous challenges faced by the whole world among which Burkina Faso with the other African Countries. Nevertheless, he recognized the huge efforts done by the Burkinabe Government under the leadership of the President. He seized the opportunity to congratulate the Country after the recent success of his new Development Plan called PNDES (Economic and Social National Development Plan) that has succeeded to receive massive support for his funding from development partners. Dr ELMEKASS has also mentioned in his statement the integration of AGENDA 2063 of African Union as well as SDGs in the national development strategies. He particularly stressed the dedication by African Union of this year 2017 to Youth Empowerment in Africa by harnessing the Demographic dividend through investment in Youth.

Finally, on behalf of his peers, he presented to the President wishes of happy New Year after reaffirming the strong will of the Inter-African Organizations to continue to accompany the Government and the People of Burkina Faso in their efforts for development.

In his response, the President of Burkina Faso, after thanking Inter-African, International organizations and embassies for their support to the country. Moreover he raised the main issues marking 2016 in Burkina Faso, Africa and the World in general. He notably reiterated his willing for 2017, with the support of international partners, to continue addressing threats and challenges faced by his Country, among which violent terrorism.

To conclude, H.E KABORE presented in return his best wishes of Happy New Year to all, including families.


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